It’s just like being at SDCC! Now where’s FullBars?

the Halloween style opening is HOT!


I don’t watch this show (I need to at some point), but

is he playing an anime dating sim.

Also I think that might be Paul Robertson, and if so that’s really cool that they keep him on board too.


Streaming: drawing


Streaming: drawing

Oh wow it worked, thank you Mr. Z for your generous tip!

(not sure if there’s a way to edit the button to allow messages with the donations, and if that’s a good idea)

All right, made a Donate button.

I think.


But what about... DONATIONS? *dramatic close-up*

Should I do that? Why would people want to do that though.

Can I throw money at you to draw something silly and boob-related?

I’d have to agree, but also more importantly, I’m not open for comms atm. Thank you for your interest though! Someday I will.

Hey umm ... I was wondering how you feel about other characters being draw with your characters? I have an idea I want to draw but I wanted to ask permission first.


People can draw their OCs with mine.

All I ask is that you respect my OCs, ya know? Keep their sexual preferences in mind (if it’s naughty art), and don’t draw them in anything horrible or disgusting. No rapey, nasty, violent fetishes please.

If you’re ever unsure about what is OK or not, JUST ASK ME. I’m more then happy to clear up any confusion.

Seconded, especially when it comes to nsfw stuff.


Happy birthday Koi!

Reblog because I especially liked how the second pic came out.
Still working on the comic, but made one of the frames into an animated gif because why not.

Still working on the comic, but made one of the frames into an animated gif because why not.

Happy birthday Koi!